Alumni Highlight: Pitchly

Pitchly, a data empowerment platform catering to firms and businesses for automating content and document creation, stands out among the noteworthy companies that have made presentations at InvestMidwest in the past. Pitchly's appearance at InvestMidwest in 2019 underlines the company's potential for growth and promise.

The Pitchly Voyage: From Startup to InvestMidwest

Since its establishment in 2014, Pitchly has transformed the way organizations handle data for productivity and the way developers construct for businesses. The company addresses the challenge of disconnected and ineffective tools such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Sharepoint, or IT-owned databases used for data-heavy document creation. Pitchly's SaaS platform enables non-technical users to produce data-enriched real-time PowerPoint and Word documents linked to internal business data, regardless of where it is stored. As a result, Pitchly has significantly reduced the time and errors involved in creating such documents. The platform brings together disparate information sources, making it simple to catalog, locate, and create engaging and pertinent data-driven Word and PowerPoint documents.

Pitchly end-users can even generate custom forms to populate data to those original sources, ensuring that their teams utilize the most relevant and up-to-date data. The platform consolidates a myriad of digital data sources, including Excel, SQL, Salesforce, and others, into a unified, standardized tabular view of the data that can be accessed, searched, filtered, and integrated into documents and presentations instantaneously. This functionality allows users to easily publish select information from their databases in various digital forms on a website.

In 2022, Pitchly attained noteworthy milestones. The company expanded its IRR by 100% and its team by 100%, added partners, launched content API, and registered up to five million users. The ideal size of the company that Pitchly targets is one with less than 200 employees and a $50,000 spend. Thanks to the platform's automated document creation capabilities, users benefit from a 93% reduction in the time it takes to prepare final documents.

Pitchly has secured $1.8 million in funding from investors, including CABRA VC, Nebraska Angel Network, Twelve19 Ventures, Ames Seed Capital, Iowa Dept Economic Dev, M25, and Next Level Ventures. The company has also received non-dilutive funding and grants, including $2 million in low-interest loans from Venture Net.

The Future of Pitchly

Pitchly plans to expand its team by 11 more individuals, specialize roles, implement an entrepreneurial organization system, grow its sales team, release a major upgrade to its code and efficiency, and secure more funding. The company aims to become a profitable business and has no plans to sell or exit the market anytime soon.

With its focus on solving the challenge of data-heavy document creation and its growing user base, Pitchly has earned a prominent spot among the innovative companies that have presented at InvestMidwest. The company's emphasis on automating repetitive tasks and increasing efficiency has made it a trailblazer in the data management and productivity sphere.