Boat Planet Makes Waves After Attending InvestMidwest 2023

When CEO and Founder Micheal Kiel set out to create the first AI-powered platform to connect boaters with local marine professionals who maintain, fix, and clean boats he knew getting in the right rooms with the right people would be key.

Enter the InvestMidwest Conference. A unique event that brings startups, investors, and local stakeholders together for two days of networking, presentations, and the opportunity to foster connections that lead to investments. Companies are selected from a rigorous process that gives preference to those currently operating or planning to open headquarters in the Midwest region.

Thanks to presenting at InvestMidwest, Boat Planet was able to make a large number of connections, all in one night.

I was able to tell our story to 100 people, in one night. It’s taken from April to October to connect with that same number of people.” Michael said.

Connections like those made that night in April have proven invaluable, totaling around $1.25 million in investment by Micheal’s estimation.

“The quality of the attendees, from the presenters to the startups to the VCs was really impressive. The conference did a great job facilitating natural conversations and had a really cool atmosphere, we absolutely consider it part of our success story.”

Investor Dan Conner, CFA of Ascend Venture Capital agreed, noting:

We feel incredibly fortunate to have discovered a gem such as Boat Planet at InvestMidwest. This signature event provided a unique platform for groundbreaking startups from the Midwest region to shine in the company of funders and other crucial resources. The entrepreneurial spirit and innovation on display at InvestMidwest are a testament to the bright future of the local startup ecosystem. We are pleased to announce that we subsequently made an investment in Boat Planet, and we couldn’t be more excited to partner in Michael Kiel’s vision. We look forward to helping Boat Planet and the Midwest startup community achieve new heights of tech and innovation.

Boat Planet is just one of the exciting companies making connections with the help of the InvestMidwest Conference. We’re excited to be returning to Kansas City in April and will be opening applications soon!